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About Us

Kowloon Yoga has different yoga and fitness classes including Hatha yoga, Aerial yoga, Hot yoga, 36 Degree Hot Yoga, TRX Slimming Fat Burning, Dumbbell Slimming Stretching, Pilates, Aerial Hoop, Targeted Stretching , Backbend Handstand, Health Yoga, Yoga Wheel, Yoga Stick, Yoga Ring,  suitable for men and women of all ages. Understanding the basic principles of yoga, using different yoga techniques to practice, including physical training, through these exercises, gradually enhance physical strength and flexibility, physical relaxation, pain relief, emotional adjustment, spiritual enhancement and spiritual awakening are of great help. It also purifies the body and brings healthy mind and body. TRX, Pilates and dumbbells can effectively increase muscle and reduce fat, muscle training, local targeting of difficult-to-reduce areas, walk away and bye-bye meat, shape vest line, mermaid line, peach buttocks, our yoga instructor and fitness coach, are preparing For everyone to build physical and mental health and build a healthy body, come and experience it?

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